Chapter 1 Benne Finds The Door
Page 15

Benne and the Timemonks - Chapter 1 - Benne Finds The Door - Page 15

The underground laboratory begins to give up its secrets. An old man stuck in a child’s body is harassing Benne with his sinister plans.

Will Benne find a way to escape or will her dad make it in time to save her? Does Benne ever need saving? What about the robot?!

On this page there is combination of all the previous techniques plus a little Marmoset Toolbag in panel 3 which we also saw on page 13. Is a 3d diorama in store? Maybe next time.

Speaking of Marmoset and what it can do – animation. When creating artwork such as Benne and the Timemonks the artifacts are reusable and certainly animate-able. An animated short or move is completely possible. Maybe next time.

That’s also why I have posted different shading techniques since I would not be able to use Photoshop for post processing and my tablet to draw outlines. An animation would need to have the proper non-photo-realistic rendering to match the book. Or would it? Maybe next time.

Before Chapter 1 is over, I will be going over the story and rewriting some of the dialog. More than a few continuity errors. Then after that, its in the can on to the next chapter.


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