Benne and Her Friends from Chapter 1

Benne and the Timemonks - Chapter 1 - Benne and Friends

Benne takes the time to pose with her friends and antagonists from Chapter 1. There were some mentioned that never made it into frame, such as the chief of her village and the various villagers. We may yet run into them.

Left to right, the animals who were telepathically controlled. Why did they want Benne to push to the buttons and pull the levels we she finally made it into the room with the vats full of brains? What would have happened if Zora had not entered the room?

Next we have Lokka, a Timemonk who followed the animals around. He believed the animals were up to no good. And Vatta the witch and her sidekick Atawa. We don’t much about them except that they were spooked enough about Benne talking to animals to believe she needed to go.

Behind them is the Buddy. Is the Buddy all knowing? Then how come he doesn’t know about Zora’s laboratory down below? Or does he? What is he hiding? Why is he killing?

Then Bonda, Benne’s dad, a true Timemonk . Once a sacrificial offering himself. He wasn’t able to save Benne and now he has begun a search for her.

Beside him another Timemonk . We didn’t get to learn much about him except to know he too blamed Benne for the appearance of the Buddy.

Then there was Timo. Generally a good guy but also an opportunist. He has volunteered to help Bonda find Benne. But he other motives which we will soon find out.

Far right, the most recent character, Zora. He wants to put his wife’s brain in Benne’s body. He’s waited a long time. What has he been up to all this time? He said he had spent centuries in the vat before he was able to take the body of a sacrificed child. And many years had passed since then as well. That’s some patience, but then again it seems his brain had made it to eternity but not his soul.

Up front Benne strikes a pose, the reluctant hero.