Benne Gets a New Do in Chapter 2

Benne and the Timemonks - Chapter 1 - Benne Finds The Door - Page 14

Chapter 1 is not over yet, still a few pages to go. We need to find the door again to get in and get out and get away from the Buddy. With the standard “to be continued . . .” because comics.

Chapter 2 will have an updated version of our heroine sporting a new scruffier hairdo. Also working on that leather outfit, it seems so impractical, but we haven’t met whoever made it for her. Maybe in Chapter 3! Hair is tougher than it looks and I was close to obsession shaping it in Maya.

This render was made in one of my favorite tools Character Creator 3 with some extra bits in Photoshop. Her skin has been updated as I noticed 10 pages in that I was using a low-res texture the entire time on her face. Her eyebrows were literally fuzzy. We won’t see this look or some other character updates until Chapter 2, so Chapter 1 can stay consistent.

However, before I wrap up Chapter 1, I will go over it and do some spell checking, script tightening and work on each of the character’s unique voices. The story won’t change and the panels won’t get re-rendered. Oh, I promise a suitable origin cover.

Chapter 1 Benne Finds The Door
Page 14

Benne and the Timemonks - Chapter 1 - Benne Finds The Door - Page 14

Benne’s dad begins the search for our missing heroine. Though, she would say she’s no hero and you’re putting words in her mouth.

While the majority of the panels on this page were done the same way as most of the other panels, the last panel was rendered in Unity with outlines by UnityChan plugin. The saturation by Unity Post Processing and just a tad of sepia in Photoshop.

Still hoping to pump out complete panels in Unity or Blender. It’s where I spend the majority of my spare time. Once I get it right, it should be quicker to release pages. With this chapter winding down, the next will probably have a slightly different style.

See you next time!