Benne and the Timemonks Comic

Chapter 1 – Benne Finds The Door

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Zora wants to operate on Benne but the brains in the vat have other plans. Benne is also a bit
Bonda and Timo catch up with the Buddy who blows up the only way into the underground. Will Benne be
Bonda and Timo are headed to entrance to the underground, but so is the Buddy! Will they get there in
Benne takes the time to pose with her friends and antagonists from Chapter 1. There were some mentioned that never
The underground laboratory begins to give up its secrets. An old man stuck in a child's body is harassing Benne
Testing a new look for Chapter 2. Here's Benne in her new do sometime after she escapes the cave (spoiler!).
Chapter 1 is not over yet, still a few pages to go. We need to find the door again to
Benne's dad begins the search for our missing heroine. Though, she would say she's no hero and you're putting words
Benne seems to have found the voices in her head are brains in a vat. The metal arm hanging from
Took a little longer. However, did have a chance to understand where the story is going. What's missing. What Benne
So we finally find out what's behind all the mischief. Buried beneath the seaside mountain village lies a strange machine.
Has Benne met her fate? What we know so far: There is something below which is taking over the minds
We are halfway through chapter 1 and it looks like Benne has met her fate. A giant robot stands between
When decorating the inside of a cave, you should have animal skulls on the wall, animal furs for beds and

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Without a window facing the street, exiting the door was always interesting. Sometimes a car window broken. Sometimes a car

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I wanted to blog some background on the project before I go live with the graphic novel's first page. The
Hi. I've always wanted to make a graphic novel or webcomic and hopefully once I get enough pages done put