Chapter 1 Benne Finds The Door
Page 12

Benne and the Timemonks - Chapter 1 - Benne Finds The Door - Page 12

Took a little longer. However, did have a chance to understand where the story is going. What’s missing. What Benne is likely to be looking for. Or thinks she’s looking for. What she is likely to find.

It’s never what we desire. The things we focus on. We are bugs unaware of the large bird looming over us.

On another note, recently I noticed that on closer inspection Benne has fuzzy eyebrows and that leather she wears looks like wood. For chapter 2, I’m working on a new outfit and a new hair do. Part of working with 3d software does to you.

I’ll have a post on that process. How to post number 2. Full of Zbrushing and Substance Painting. And don’t forget to read from the beginning on the home page.

Until then, ignore the voices in your head.

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